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PUSHKAR PHARMA is a Best Pharmaceuticals manufacturing company,Best injectables manufacturersituated in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
The company is fully equipped with ultra-modern and sophisticated equipment. Pushkar pharma has a dedicated plant engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals formulations:

The company has a team of highly qualified technocrats and professionals, who supervise, control, and monitor its formulation, production, and quality at every stage.
Since its inception, its basic thrust was to provide quality pharmaceuticals at cost-effective prices with total customer satisfaction. With the virtue of its quality products, Pushkar pharma’s products are well accepted & established in the market since 1993.
We are looking for serious and dedicated entrepreneurs interested in undertaking the dealership or franchisee of our comprehensive range of products.

The vision of our company is to become a pioneer in the highly saturated pharmaceutical industry by a focus on ensuring the best quality standards throughout the development process of our products Doxycycline, Vitamin C etc.

Human and Veterinary Injections Manufacturer in India – Building on the long stretches of involvement and commitment to relating the life of both ‘Human’ and ‘Creatures’, Pushkar Pharma ‘the top Injection Manufacturer for veterinary and human’ uphold the clients in each better way. By conveying quality immunization, we are also supporting the veterinarians and animal makers, which are similarly essential to be dealt with. Pushkar pharma is working every day to meet the clinical prerequisites by tending to this present real challenge for the two people and creatures. The Range of Injections and eye drops produced at Pushkar Pharma is assorted and meets every quality boundary.

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Our vision is to emerge as a leader in the integrated pharmaceutical business by continuously balancing the success with an unwavering focus on maintaining the highest standards of development through environmentally friendly practices. know more


To innovate and to take the responsibility of integrity and mutual trust with customers without compromising our core values. Our company believes in putting the customer first and assuring high-quality standards and cost-effective know more


Pushkar Pharma manufactures a wide range of products to valuable customers such as:
1) Parenteral (Dry and Liquid injections)
2) Hormonal Parenteral( injections )
3) Ophthalmic Formulations( Eye drops )
4) Ophthalmic Ointment know more


Our company also provides third-party manufacturing in which we manufacture quality products at affordable prices. In addition, we are looking for determined and dedicated entrepreneurs who are interested in undertaking the know more


The organization has a diligent workforce, which is committed to processing and supplying Pharmaceutical Capsules, Injectables, and Drops. Professionals have immense experience in this domain and. know more


Pushkar Pharma is the best pharmaceuticals manufacturing company an integrity-driven organization that focuses on traditional values coupled with innovative management.
Our core values are defined as follows:
Integrity and Transparency: know more